Misha and Marco Adopt

Hello and Welcome

About Us:

Thank you for visiting our website. We are Marco, Misha, Charlie and Chace. We are a family built on love, trust, support and compassion.

We cherish the time we spend together as a family–our children are our whole world and we spend time together exploring the city, going to the park, riding our bikes, going to the beach, sporting events, amusements parks, visiting family, traveling and cooking together (our homemade lasagna and apple pie is amazing!). We love to try new things and go on family adventures–making beautiful family memories and showing our children an appreciation for all different places.

We are teaching our children to be kind, honest, compassionate, caring, curious and respectful.

Our dream is to welcome another child into our family and we are excited to begin our adoption journey.

Our Happy and Healthy Home

About Marco:

Chace and dad at the Baltimore Inner Harbor
Charlie and dad at the park

Marco is a loving, nurturing, tons of fun father to Chace and Charlie. Marco enjoys spending as much time with the children as possible. Marco is their little league coach, a master at homework, science projects and weekend afternoons at the park. Marco loves making Sunday brunch with the whole family talking over pancakes. Marco’s kindness and giving nature are felt by everyone around him and he will do anything to help his family.

A Few Things About Marco:

  1. Marco is a master pastry chef who loves his craft.
  2. An artist who enjoys sculpting and drawing and an avid cyclist who rides every day.
  3. A versatile chef who loves to make creative meals for the family.
  4. A self described world record holder for the most diapers changed in one day.

About Misha:

Chace and mommy
Charlie and mom at lunch

Misha is a loving mother to Chace and Charlie. She is extremely dedicated to the children and incredibly supportive. Misha is one of those kindhearted people who is naturally great with children. She loves being with her family and is great at planning fun activities and trips for all of us–she is the mom always cheering the kids on at their games (and always remembers to bring the team cookies), chaperones class trips and loves to surprise the kids with all different fun adventures. Misha is funny, talented, incredibly patient, sweet and loving– all while guiding the kids to become independent thinkers and thoughtful, compassionate young adults.

A Few Things About Misha:

  1. Misha is a caring and dedicated children’s therapist that specializes in working with at risk children. Misha loved being a stay-at-home mom when the kids were younger and plans to do that again after we adopt.
  2. Misha is a talented and passionate writer who has been published in The New York Times and other leading publications.
  3. Misha is a legendary party planner that throws the most memorable events for the family.
  4. Misha is our families music wizard who knows the lyrics to every song ever sung. No one has stumped her yet:-).

Thank you for reading about our family. We would love to hear from you. Please call/text anytime at 646-899-9589 or email at marcoandmisha@gmail.com